Act 02:


Recent Grads & Junior Professionals

Local companies need diverse young professionals with talent, empathy, and drive. The Script connects smart, motivated candidates with local business leaders who can provide the mentoring you will need to gain confidence in the workplace and grow your professional skills as well as your personal wealth.

Through our Associate Program, young professionals are teamed up with a group of mentors who will coach their career development and further their individual path to leadership. Candidates are recruited annually.

The Script Associates is operating under the SINE brand until 2024. Visit the SINE website to learn more about how to apply.

Associate Benefits

Stay Connected

Seek career inspiration from within your cultural community. Learn how to stay authentic as you evolve professionally.

Sharpen Tools

Find the mentoring you need for your professional development. Gain confidence in the workplace and learn tips for growing wealth.

Build Your Network

Connect with like-minded peers and mentors in your community who can guide your career journey and civic engagement.

Take the Lead

Learn ways to assert yourself. Earn respect as you flex your leadership chops.

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