Diversity will shape our future leaders.

A new narrative will define them.

“As a first-generation student who grew up working in agriculture, I believed in myself, but I did not know how to get others to believe in me enough to give me a chance. This internship program gave me a shot to prove myself and I’ve gained so many valuable skills that will set me up for a great start in my career.”

Osbaldo, Software Development Intern, Viewpoint, 2022


“I am connected to a great number of opportunities that I would not have known about without this internship. The program opens up a huge network for students of color, especially for first-generation graduates. I got to work closely with another intern and it was an even better experience because we were learning alongside each other.”

Lisbeth, Project Management Assistant, Lara Media Service, 2022

“The most valuable thing about my internship is the people that I met doing it! From industry leaders to fellow cohort members, the community is such an irreplaceable part of the experience.”

Lan, Human Resources Intern, iQ Credit Union, 2022