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Danny Del Cid, ELI 2019 & ELI 2022 Intern

Voices of Emerging Leaders: Danny Del Cid, ELI ‘19, ‘22

Janet Bedolla-Salinas, ELI 2022 Intern at Viewpoint

Voices of Emerging Leaders: Janet Bedolla-Salinas, ELI ‘22

Diana Luis-Contreras, ELI 2022 Intern at NW Natural

Voices of Emerging Leaders: Diana Luis-Contreras, ELI ‘22

Koko Udomah, Junior Copywriter at Thesis Agency

Interview with Koko Udomah, ELI Alumnus (‘20)

Juanita Heyman, Project Manager at Thesis Agency

Interview with Juanita Heyman, ELI Alumnus (‘18)

Karla Graciano, Graphic Designer at Thesis Agency

Interview with Karla Graciano, ELI Alumnus (‘19)

Grey Alexander, ELI 2022 Intern at DeepSurface

Voices of Emerging Leaders: Grey Alexander, ELI ’22

Bao Phan, Junior Designer at Thesis Agency

Interview with Bao Phan, ELI Alumnus (’19)

Derik Holt, ELI 2021 Intern at Tillamook County Creamery Association

Voices of Emerging Leaders: Derik Holt, ELI ‘20-21

Melissa Torres-Duran, ELI 2021 Intern at Salt & Straw

Voices of Emerging Leaders: Melissa Torres-Duran, ELI ’19-‘21

The Oregon Community Foundation, ELI Company Partner since 2017

Developing Emerging Leaders: The Oregon Community Foundation

Ana Lozano, ELI 2021 Intern at Viewpoint, A Trimble Company

Voices of Emerging Leaders: Ana Lozano, ELI ‘21